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Northern Mongolia is a main travel destination of Mongolia.
The highlight of Mongolia’s Northern provinces, an alpine region bordering the forests of Siberia, is pristine Khuvsgul Lake, known as Mongolia’s “dark blue pearl and Darkhad valley – there are over 200 lakes surrounded by high mountains covered with forest and extensive marshland, which is a home of reindeer people –Tsaatan ethnic minority.
Many ethnic groups of Mongolia live in this region. Especially you can see tsaatan (reindeer herders) people’s life. Also there are many unique cultural, historical and natural sights.



Khuvsgul Lake National Park is one of the major tourist attractions in Mongolia. This lake is known as the second clearest water lake in the world after Baikal Lake in Russia. Water is crystal clear so that you can see the bottom of the lake when you are sailing


The Monastery is one of the four leading important monasteries of Mongolia. The construction of the monastery temples, towers and other buildings, completed in 1737, represents the creative work and great craftsmanship of that period of time


People in Khuvsgul most commonly practice shamanism and some of the most powerful shaman live in this area. The shamanism rituals is based on the view that besides the visible world the shaman interacts with many other worlds or universes

Darkhad Valley & Reindeer people

Darkhad Basin lies 50 km west of Lake Khuvsgul. There are over 200 lakes in the area, the largest of which is Lake Tsagaan. The lake is well-known for the famous white fish that live in it. The lake is surrounded by high mountains covered with forest

Uushig Deer Stone Monument

Uushig Deer Stone Monument - A deer-decorated stones in Uushigiin uver of Khuvsgul province considered as most clearly depicted deer stones in Mongolia. These deer stones were aligned from north to south in a single column. Each stone is 3-20m distant from each other

Uran togoo National Park

National park's main highlight is Uran Uul extinct volcano is located on the half way point between the two major travel destinations-the Khuvsgul Lake and Amarbayasgalanr Monastery. The crater of Uran Uul volcano is about 600 meters in diameter and 50 meters in depth

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