Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs

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Central Museum
of Mongolian

This museum is impressive and must visit place. The Central museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs was established to protect, register and verify fossils, all in order to preserve our heritage for future generations. 
The main exhibit is of Tyrannosaurus Bataar which was illegally smuggled out of country and sold in Texas, USA at an auction for over US$1m in 2012. The government of Mongolia brought a claim through court and recovered the exhibit.
There are two floors of exhibits, but most of the smaller ones are located upstairs.
Visitors can see baby dinosaurs still in their nests which are worth seeing.
Many people call, this museum T.Bataar’s musuem”.
The museum is small and can easily be done. However, the collection is quite impressive as all the fossils showcased are originals and complete skeletons. Every exhibition is well annotated in English.

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